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The Shadow day at LBMC 2019

The Shadow day at LBMC 2019

This year, on 13 February, 13 secondary school students from various schools visited LBMC with aim to get to know the day-to-day life of a molecular biologist. To make the day more complete and introduce the students with the various research areas that are active in the LBMC, they were given the opportunity to visit several LBMC scientific groups and even had a practical task.

The day started with a small introductory lecture from the head of the LBMC Student Council - on LBMC, its directions, major discoveries, and why it is cool to be a scientist. The students then went to the Laboratory of the Medical Genetics and Mitochondrial Research Group, where they familiarized themselves with the activities and methods of this group, as well as with the theory of mitochondria, their functions, mitochondrial diseases and mitochondrial haplogroups. This was followed by an extensive excursion to the BMC, both in the Genome Centre and the LGDB, as well as to the new Biomedical Technology Complex, where our knowledgeable specialists talked about research and opportunities to work with viruses, cell cultures and animal models.

In the second half of the day, the students had some lectures on the work of molecular archeology and studies of ancient DNA, as well as on protein research, vaccine development and virus characterization. The long day filled with new knowledge was finished by a practical task, performed by students themselves - extracting DNA from strawberries.

Asked about the day spent at LBMC, the students gave only positive feedback on the time spent, the new and positive opposition to biology and science, and the valuable opportunity to do something practical for themselves.



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