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Who we are

Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre (BMC) is the leading scientific institute in molecular biology and biomedicine in Latvia. Since its establishment in 1993 it has evolved into a powerful scientific centre performing basic as well as applied research in molecular genetics, vaccine development, genomics and proteomics, cancer biology, immunology, biotechnology, stem cell biology, structure biology and other scientific areas.

The research and infrastructure is supported by funding from the Latvian Council of Science, Ministry of Education and Science, various European funding programmes like the European Socianl Fund, European Regional Development Fund, as well as by industry. Considerable core facilities have been established for molecular and cell biology research. Qualified specialists can give competent consultations as well as give technical support for various research activities, besides, these services are also available for researchers from other institutes.

In tight collaboration with Latvian universities BMC also participates in the educational work providing excellent opportunities for undergraduate and doctoral training. To disseminate and effectuate the acquired knowledge BMC has participated in the establishment of several small and medium enterprises that are run in close collaboration with BMC like GenEra Ltd., Asla Biotech Ltd., Cilmes Sunu Tehnologijas Ltd. offering their services in Latvia as well as abroad.

The main research fields and knowledge disseminating activities of BMC are:  

  • research of protein structure and engeneering (folding, self-assembly, 3D structure, post-translational processing: secretion, degradation) directed to creating new vaccines, diagnostics, gene and immune therapy tools, drug design and recombinant protein biotechnology;  
  • human genome research, molecular genetics of cell receptors and signal transduction, genotyping of infectious agents, susceptibility loci of inherited, cardiovascular, and oncological diseases for health monitoring, preventive and therapeutic medicine, introduction of nanotechnologies, Latvian genome centre, Genome database of the Latvian population;
  • cancer research, development of novel tools for early diagnosis, prognosis and prediction of therapy outcome by DNA and serological testing, molecular biology of chemo and radiotherapy resistance, cancer stem cell biology.
  • stem cell research, novel tools for HBV infection research, development of tools for therapy of type I diabetes.
  • graduate school in molecular and cell biology and biomedicine for national and international studies and advanced training.

As a coordinator and key participant of several national research programmes in biomedicine (infectious diseases, human genome research, ageing population) BMC is aimed to elaborate and introduce molecular medicine methods (DNA tests, genotyping etc.) as well as nation-wide health monitoring approaches in the health care of Latvia. Collaboration and networking with partner research groups in EU member states and NAS in modern protein, cell biology and genome research and bioinformatics (BBMRI, p3G, ELIXIR) is complemented by research contracts with European biotechnology companies (Cytos Biotechnology GmbH, Rhein Biotech GmbH et al.) and technology transfer to national JSC Grindeks and SMEs (GenEra Ltd., Asla Biotech Ltd., Cilmes Sunu Tehnologijas Ltd). Selective and tissue-targeted drug delivery systems, recombinant vaccines, gene and immunotherapy tools, novel serological and DNA diagnostics and novel stem cell based therapy tools are regarded as the main areas of innovative activities, and represent increased regional coverage and networking.

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