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Bioinformatics core facility

The Bioinformatics Core Facility was established in 2018, along with the entry of large-scale sequencing technologies into the daily research activities of BMC. The service centre was created with the aim to combine the knowledge that was available to the institute’s researchers, create a favourable environment for the exchange of ideas and experience, provide all researchers with support in data analysis, build a local data analysis and storage infrastructure, as well as create mechanisms for the further dissemination of knowledge at the institute and national level.

From its establishment until 2023, the staff of the Bioinformatics Service Center has grown from the initial three field enthusiasts to 11 highly qualified specialists, whose range of accumulated knowledge covers whole genome sequencing analysis, reconstruction of new genomes, and microorganism population structure data analysis, analyzes of population-scale genotyping data and many others, which includes the application of artificial intelligence models to search for novel gene functions. To provide the necessary computing power and data storage capacity the staff of the service centre manages several high-performance computing nodes and disk arrays, however, most of the computing activities are carried out remotely in cooperation with various European high-performance computing centres.

Dāvids Fridmanis, PhD

Dāvids Fridmanis, PhD

Head of the core facility, senior researcher


Dāvids Fridmanis, PhD, davids.fridmanis@biomed.lu.lv

Operation of the service center.

Pāvels Zajakins, PhD, pawel@biomed.lu.lv

Analysis of small RNA sequencing and microarray data.

Raitis Pečulis, PhD, raitis.peculis@biomed.lu.lv

Analysis of population genetics and whole transcriptome sequencing data.

Ivars Silamiķelis, Mg.biol., ivars.silamikelis@biomed.lu.lv

Whole genome, whole transcriptome and whole metagenome sequencing data analysis.

Dita Gudrā, Mg.biol., dita.gudra@biomed.lu.lv

Whole genome, 16S rRNA and whole metagenome sequencing data analysis.

Ņikita Zrelovs, Mg.biol., nikita.zrelovs@biomed.lu.lv

Analysis of small genome de-novo sequencing data.

Nineļa Miriama Vainšeļbauma, Mg. biol., ninela.vainselbauma@biomed.lu.lv

Analysis of single cell sequencing data.

Jānis Pjalkovskis, Mg. biol., janis.pjalkovskis@biomed.lu.lv

16S rRNA and whole metagenome sequencing data analysis.

Rihards Saksis, Mg. biol., rihards.saksis@biomed.lu.lv

16S rRNA and whole metagenome sequencing data analysis.

Raimonds Reščenko, Mg. biol., raimonds.rescenko@biomed.lu.lv

Whole Genome Sequencing and population genetics data analysis.

Edgars Liepa, Mg. dat., edgars.liepa@biomed.lu.lv

Whole metagenome sequencing data analysis and application of artificial intelligence models.


  • Analysis of whole genome sequencing data;
  • Analysis of whole metagenome sequencing data;
  • Analysis of population genetics data;
  • Analysis of 16S rRNA sequencing data;
  • Analysis of whole transcriptome data;
  • Analysis of small genome de-novo sequencing data;
  • Consultations on massive parallel sequencing related experiment design