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Translational Omics Group (J.Kloviņš lab)

Our group’s efforts are centered on several aspects of translational medicine. We apply different omics technologies to understand the mechanisms driving the disease development and drug action with an emphasis on metabolic and gut-related diseases. A particular focus is on the processes affected by the microbiome. For our research projects we extensively use the existing Biobank resources and establish new collaborations with hospitals and medical doctors. We perform longitudinal studies on selected groups of healthy volunteers or patients with extensive phenotyping and sampling. Pharmaco-omics of Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is the main research direction that involves both the human studies and research of animal models. Main achievements of our group is discovery of various genetic in microbiome related factors that strongly affects efficacy of metformin, the main antidiabetic medication and its side effects. To advance beyond identified correlations, we aim to estimate causal interactions between the host components and microbiome. Our group also collaborates extensively with medical researchers in Latvia, facilitating personalized medicine in Latvia, including research on COVID-19.

Jānis Kloviņš, PhD

Jānis Kloviņš, PhD

Head of the scientific group, senior researcher


Jānis Kloviņš, PhD, prof., klovins@biomed.lu.lv

Monta Brīvība, PhD, monta.briviba@biomed.lu.lv

Ilze Elbere, PhD, ilze.elbere@biomed.lu.lv

Laila Silamiķele, PhD, laila.silamikele@biomed.lu.lv

Agnese Viļuma, PhD, agnese.viluma@biomed.lu.lv

Ivars Silamiķelis, MSc. biol., ivars.silamikelis@biomed.lu.lv

Laura Ansone, MSc. biol., laura.ansone@biomed.lu.lv

Maija Rozenberga, MSc. biol., maija.rozenberga@biomed.lu.lv

Raimonds Resčenko, MSc.biol., raimonds.rescenko@biomed.lu.lv

Līga Birzniece, BSc. biol., liga.birzniece@biomed.lu.lv

Ivanna Atava, ivanna.atava@biomed.lu.lv

Lauma Jagare, lauma.jagare@biomed.lu.lv

Daniella Borisova, daniella.borisova@biomed.lu.lv

Laura Bunka, laura.bunka@biomed.lu.lv

Līva Pelcmane, liva.pelcmane@biomed.lu.lv

Justīne Puriņa, justine.purina@biomed.lu.lv

Areas for searching partners

  • Microbiome and other omics-based research in metabolic and gastrointestinal diseases
  • Microbiome and lifestyle factors
  • Development of biomarker based personalised preventive and treatment approaches

10 the most representative publications for the scientific group

  1. Elbere I, Silamikelis I, Dindune II, Kalnina I, Ustinova M, Zaharenko L, Silamikele L, Rovite V, Gudra D, Konrade I, Pirags V, Klovins J. Baseline gut microbiome composition predicts metformin therapy short-term efficacy in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients. PLoS One. 2020;15(10 October).
  2. Ustinova M, Ansone L, Silamikelis I, Rovite V, Elbere I, Silamikele L, Kalnina I, Fridmanis D, Sokolovska J, Konrade I, Pirags V, Klovins J. Whole-blood transcriptome profiling reveals signatures of metformin and its therapeutic response. PLoS One. 2020;15(8 August).
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