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Genome Research Council

Under the Cabinet of Ministers Order No. 284 of 27 June 2018 (protocol No. 30 § 27) “On the Genome Research Council” The Genome Research Council has been approved in the Republic of Latvia. Genome Research Council operates following the Cilvēka genoma izpētes likums (Human Genome Research Act), Ģenētiskās izpētes kārtība (Genetic research right)  (No.692, 10.08.2004), Genoma izpētes padomes nolikums (Regulations of the Genome Research Council) (No.698, 10.08.2004) and other related regulatory enactments here.

Functions of the Genome Research Council

  1. According to the Human Genome Research Act:
    • to review, issue approvals on, and coordinate projects and concepts related to genetic research;
    • to promote the availability of information for society about the goals and progress of genetic research;
    • to represent the public interest in the field of genetic research.
  2. Following Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 692 “Genetic Research right” point No.2.1. to approve genetic research studies.
  3. Following Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 696“Procedures for Issuing Approvals for the Export of Copied Parts (Aliquots) of Coded Tissue Samples and Copied Descriptions of Health Status Outside Latvia, and Procedures for Controlling the Use of Tissue Samples” point No.2. to approve the export and research outside Latvia.

Composition of the Genome Research Council

Chairman of the Board

Jānis Kloviņš – Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Center

Council members

Zanda Daneberga – Member of the Board of the Latvian Human Genetics Association

Aija Linē – Academician of the Latvian Academy of Sciences

Vents Sīlis – Chairman of the Central Medical Ethics Committee

Uldis Berķis – Member of Science of the Higher Education, Science and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Education and Science

Edgards Strautiņš – Senior Expert of the Pharmacy Department of the Ministry of Health

Laura Skrabule – Children’s Clinical University Hospital

Subbmision of applications

    The research applications must be submitted to the Genome Research Council by sending it to te e-mail genoma.padome@biomed.lu.lv.

    The apllication form can be found  here.

    The Genome Research Council shall ensure that it cooperates closely with the Central Medical Ethics Committee in reviewing applications.

    List of approvals issued by the Genome Research Council can be found here.