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Cancer Cell Biology and Melanoma Research Group (D.Pjanova lab)

Cancer Cell Biology and Melanoma Research group has been established by joining two groups with expertise in cancer cell biology (lead by Dr. habil. med. Jekaterina Erenpreisa) and melanoma (lead by Dr. biol. Dace Pjanova) with the focus on fundamental problems of cancer cell biology.

Currently, the main priority of the group is the search for properties of tumour cells associated with resistance to treatments, either genotoxic or targeted, focusing studies on the relationship between induced reversible polyploidy, embryonality, and accelerated cell senescence, in combination with genetic and epigenetic changes in tumour cells.

Additional problems explored by the group are i) innate immunity role in the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy, ii) cell nucleus epigenetic and structural regulation in the models of induced differentiation of cancer cells, and iii) identifying high, medium to low risk melanoma susceptibility genes as well as inherited variations in genes that could have an effect on the melanoma outcome and treatment response.

Dace Pjanova, PhD

Dace Pjanova, PhD

Head of the scientific group, senior researcher


Dace Pjanova, Phd, dace@biomed.lu.lv

Jekaterina Ērenpreisa, Dr. habil. med., katrina@biomed.lu.lv

Kristīne Salmiņa, PhD, salmina.kristine@biomed.lu.lv

Nineļa Miriama Vainšeļbauma, MSc. biol., ninela.vainselbauma@biomed.lu.lv


Irina Verhovcova, MSc. biol., irina.verhovcova@biomed.lu.lv

Madara Kreišmane, MSC.biol., madara.kreismane@biomed.lu.lv

Fēlikss Rūmnieks, BSc. biol., felikss.rumnieks@biomed.lu.lv 

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Cancer, cell biology, aneuploidy, meio-mitosis, melanoma, cancer genetics, epigenetics, immunotherapy, therapy-resistance

10 the most representative publications for the scientific group

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  2. Salmina, K, Bojko A, Inashkina I, Staniak K, Dudkowska M, Podlesniy P, Rumnieks F, Vainshelbaum NM, Pjanova D, Sikora E, Erenpreisa J. “Mitotic Slippage” and Extranuclear DNA in Cancer Chemoresistance: A Focus on Telomeres. Special issue “The Cellular Response to DNA Damage: From DNA Repair to Polyploidy and Beyond” Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2020, 21, 2779. PMID: 32316332doi: 10.3390/ijms21082779.
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