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SIA Mikrotik financed grant “Bacterial microcompartments as synthetic nanoreactors”

Researchers from Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre and University of Latvia Microbiology and Biotechnology Institute are cooperating in fulfilling the University of Latvia Foundation grant “Bacterial microcompartments as synthetic nanoreactors” financed by SIA Mikrotik. This grant is dedicated to studying bacterial metabolic protein complexes (microcompartments) for adaptation of these structures for synthetic applications.

In this study the nature of yet unknown bacterial microcompartments and the flow of substrates and products across the protein shells will be researched. Microcompartment consists of a protein shell containing encapsulated core of enzymes catalyzing certain biochemical reactions, for example, carbon fixation or degradation of various aldehyde compounds. In order to adapt these “containers” for biotechnological purposes the permeability of protein shell must be characterized first. These data are important for predicting the efficiency of microcompartments and, if necessary, for modifying the shell properties.

Period: April 2018 - September 2019

Financing: Project support patron SIA "Mikrotīkls" and the donation is administered by the University of Latvia Foundation

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