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Researchers of LU and BMC have identified the 3D structure and self-collection principles of bacterial myconosis



For the first time in the world, Latvian researchers have detected the components of a bacterial cell – a microdivision, also called microcompartmentes, a 3D structural structure. With the support of the “Mikrotīkls” fund of the University of Latvia (LU), the researchers of the LU and Latvian Biomedical Research and Studies Centre (BMC) have identified the principles by which these microparts are organised and visualised their 3D structure. The discovery has been published in the high-level scientific journal Nature Communications.

The study has been carried out in the framework of the project “Bacterian micropartmenti as synthetically nanoreactors”. A team of researchers from LU and BMC have provided valuable benefits in basic science. “Nature Communications” the publication of the open approach shows for the first time that the central enzyme, choline liase, is a factor that ensures the packaging of the other three enzymes. Publication you can finde here:

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