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Germinal centers determine the prognostic relevance of tertiary lymphoid structures and are impaired by corticosteroids in lung squamous cell carcinoma Silina, K., Soltermann, A., Attar, F.M., Casanova, R., Uckeley, Z.M., Thut, H., Wandres, M., Isajevs, S., Cheng, P., Curioni-Fontecedro, A., Foukas, P., Levesque, M.P., Moch, H.,, A Linē, Van Den Broek, M Cancer Research, 78 (5), pp. 1308-1320 2018
Proteome Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Cell Line SW480 Released Extracellular Vesicles Nakurte I, Jekabsons K,, E Zandberga, A Ābols, A Linē, Muceniece R Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 762, pp 3-7. (IF=0.39) 2018
Extracellular vesicles derived from hypoxic colorectal cancer cells confer metastatic phenotype to non-metastatic cancer cells E Endzeliņš, A Ābols, A Bušs, E Zandberga, Palviainen, M., Siljander, P.,, A Linē Anticancer Research, 38 (9), pp. 5139-5147. PMID: 30194161 2018
Miniature diamond-anvil cells for FTIR-microspectroscopy of small quantities of biosamples Grube, M., Shvirksts, K., Krafft, C., Kokorevicha, S.,, E Zandberga, A Ābols, A Linē, Kalnenieks, U Analyst, 143 (15), pp. 3595-3599. PMID: 29961798 2018
Antigen specificity and clinical significance of IgG and IgA autoantibodies produced in situ by tumor-infiltrating B cells in breast cancer. Garaud S, P Zajakins, Buisseret L, Rulle U, Siliņa K, de Wind A, den Eyden GV, Larsimont D, Willard-Gallo K,, A Linē Frontiers in Immunology. 2018, 20 Nov. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.02660. 2018
A simple and universal enzyme-free approach for the detection of multiple microRNAs using a single nanostructured enhancer of surface plasmon resonance imaging Sguassero, A., Artiga, Á., Morasso, C., Jimenez, R.R., Rapún, R.M., Mancuso, R., Agostini, S., Hernis, A., A Ābols, A Linē, Gualerzi, A., Picciolini, S., Bedoni, M., Rovaris, M., Gramatica, F., de la Fuente, J.M., Vanna, R. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, . Article in Press. PMID: 30155701 2018
Colorectal cancer cell line SW480 and SW620 released extravascular vesicles: Focus on hypoxia-induced surface proteome changes Nakurte, I., Jekabsons, K., Rembergs, R.,, E Zandberga, A Ābols, A Linē, Muceniece, R. Anticancer Research, 38 (11), pp. 6133-6138. PMID: 30396929 2018
Minimal information for studies of extracellular vesicles 2018 (MISEV2018): a position statement of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles and update of the MISEV2014 guidelines Théry, C., Witwer, K.W., Aikawa, E.,, A Linē, Zimmermann, P., Zivkovic, A.M., Zocco, D., Zuba-Surma, E.K Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, 8 (1), art. no. 1535750 2018
Identification of non-invasive miRNAs biomarkers for prostate cancer by deep sequencing analysis of urinary exosomes Rodríguez M,, C Bajo Santos, Hessvik NP, Lorenz S, Fromm B, Berge V, Sandvig K, A Linē, Llorente A Mol Cancer, Oct 5;16(1):156 2017
The prevalence of cancer-associated autoantibodies in patients with gastric cancer and progressive grades of premalignant lesions I Meistere, Werner S, P Zajakins, K Siliņa, U Rulle, A Pismennaja, Šantare D, Kikuste I, Isajevs S, Leja M, Kupčinskas L, Kupčinskas J, Jonaitis L, Wu CY, Brenner H,, A Linē, Z Kalniņa Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers Prev., Oct;26(10):1564-1574 2017
Depletion of carbonic anhydrase IX abrogates hypoxia-induced overexpression of stanniocalcin-1 in triple negative breast cancer cells E Zandberga, P Zajakins, A Ābols, D Pūpola, Trapencieris P, A Linē Cancer Biol Ther, Jun 30:1-10 2017
Detection of circulating miRNAs: comparative analysis of extracellular vesicle-incorporated miRNAs and cell-free miRNAs in whole plasma of prostate cancer patients E Endzeliņš, A Berger, Melne V, C Bajo Santos, K Soboļevska, A Ābols, Rodriguez M, Šantare D, Rudņickiha A, Lietuvietis V, Llorente A, A Linē BMC Cancer, Nov 9;17(1):730. 2017
A novel 3D heterotypic spheroid model for studying extracellular vesicle-mediated tumour and immune cell communication L Sadovska, E Zandberga, Sagini K, Jēkabsons K, Riekstiņa U,, Z Kalniņa, Llorente A, A Linē Biochem Biophys Res Commun. Dec 14. PubMed PMID: 29248729 2017
Diagnostic, prognostic and predictive value of cell-free miRNAs in prostate cancer: A systematic review E Endzeliņš, Melne, V., Z Kalniņa, Lietuvietis, V., Riekstiņa, U., Llorente, A., A Linē Molecular Cancer, 15 (1), art. no. 41 2016
Bioanalytical system for detection of cancer cells with photoluminescent ZnO nanorods Viter, R., Jekabsons, K., Z Kalniņa, Poletaev, N., Hsu, S.H., Riekstina, U. Nanotechnology, 27 (46), art. no. 465101 2016
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